Professional media planning software
for advertisers and agencies.

Mediatool is a professional media planning collaboration software for advertisers and agencies. Use it to get a great overview of all your marketing activities, campaign plans and yearly summaries in one place.

How Mediatool solves your problems

All your media plans in one place

Let Mediatool be the single source of truth for your media activities. No more looking through several documents to get a grasp of your investments.

Collaborate in real time

Collaborate with your team members, agencies and clients and keep all your media planning conversations and related files collected within the same application.

Reports in seconds

When your data is stored in Mediatool reports are available through a click. When the data changes the reports stay up to date, every day, all the time.

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This is why you should use Mediatool

We believe that present day tools are not enough to manage today's media and marketing challenges. With Mediatool you become a more efficient marketer by managing your campaigns, your collaboration and the media performance outcome.


Access anywhere

With your media data in the cloud, your latest media plans are always available for you.

Consistent data

We help you make sure all team members enter consistent media data that can be compared between plans.

Always updated

With Mediatool you never again need to worry about where to find your latest media plans.


Media plans can be sent for approval to make sure the right person signs it of before a booking is made.


Mediatool can be configured to store and display your media data entirely according to your needs.