Professional media planning software
for advertisers and agencies.

Mediatool is a professional media planning collaboration software for advertisers and agencies. Use it to get a great overview of all your marketing activities, campaign plans and yearly summaries in one place.

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How Mediatool works


With Mediatool’s planning function you can create campaigns and media inserts with ease. Set up Mediatool according to your own processes and specify which data you want to be able to input.


Collaborate with your team members and agencies and keep all your media planning conversations, files and tasks collected within the same application.


Discover and explore which media actions gives the best return on investment by comparing your media planning data to your business data.

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This is why you should use Mediatool

A common problem for present-day marketers is the lack of up-to-date summaries of the marketing expenses for the organization. Many are still using Excel sheets without any sufficient version handling. This results in marketing data being spread across many different documents and folders that often end up looking something like marketing_plan_12_finished_final-last.xls.

Bad media planning practices

To be able to collaborate with your colleagues, sensitive marketing data is often sent unencrypted via email and could easily end up in the wrong hands. Not to mention the pain it is, to compile the marketing data at the end of the year to be able to draw any conclusion from it.

Good media planning practices

By using Mediatool to do all your media planning you no longer need to keep track of which is your latest media plan. All of your data is always updated and securely accessible through our web application. Your data is being summarized in real time and visualized for you in an intuitive way. Explore how your media spendings relate to your sales, by knowing exactly how much you spend in different media channels. Collaborate with your colleagues and agencies through the Mediatool interface to collect all your media planning files, tasks and conversations in one place.

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